With a vision toward more safety

Functional safety requires technical competence and consistent application of the relevant standards. We offer consultation at a leading level in this respect.

Integrated safety
The development of safety-critical components requires an especially methodical development process. In this respect you have to execute additional activities within the projects – for example:

  • Creation of the functional safety concept (if necessary) and of the technical safety concept
  • Coordination of a development interface agreement with the client and suppliers
  • Execution of technical analyses such as FMEA, FMEDA and FTA
  • Qualification of tools and components

You also have to review and update development guidelines, as needed – two examples:

  • Priority of structuring in components (required according to SPICE in ENG.3) to ENG.2
  • Explicit consideration of test methods in the test processes

Promise of quality
ISO 26262 requires three types of confirmation measures; we will be glad to support you with the implementation:

  • Review of the work products that affect safety-related parts of the system
  • Audit of the implementation of processes that are necessary for functional safety
  • Test of functional safety prior to SOP in a functional safety assessment

Experienced experts
Our consultants will help you to implement the requirements of ISO 26262 in your projects and to adapt your development guidelines accordingly. They will assist you with all safety-related issues:

  • Our consultants are intacs-certified ISO15504 and ASPICE assessors and automotive functional safety professionals or experts
  • and have many years of experience in quality assurance and the execution of audits and assessments