Safe is safe

Automotive software has to function reliably. Our competence and high quality standards ensure that it does.

Safety first!
We are very experienced with the “functional safety” of automotive software – especially in compliance with the ISO IEC 61508 and ISO 26262 standards. These standards define requirements for the reliable functioning of diverse systems – from yaw rate sensors to electrical controls, vehicle control systems and various assistance systems. We help to make your safety-critical projects successful and to keep your costs within reason.

Consulting with safety audits and assessments
Our consultants are SGS-TÜV certified „Automotive Functional Safety Professionals / Experts” and intacs-certified Automotive SPICE® Assessors (Provisional and Principal). And they have a solid background in development technology. We can therefore support your projects from two sides:

  • We help you to create guidelines that pragmatically cover the requirements of the safety standards. And we support your development engineers with the implementation
  • In safety audits, combined with Automotive SPICE® assessments if necessary, we check whether your projects comply with all relevant standards

From management down to the tools
We see ourselves as consulting experts with a broad perspective:

  • Safety management: In safety-related projects in the automotive sector F+S functions as the safety manager, supporting and reinforcing the project manager with all safety issues
  • Engineering: Our development engineers are familiar with the processes necessary for ensuring safe development in accordance with standards. And they also know the methods for reliable detection of hardware errors and prevention of software errors
  • Tools: In the development of tools for use in safety-related projects we comply with the requirements of ISO 26262 and we qualify our tools in accordance with these requirements

Our services
Altogether we offer you:

  • Safety managers with responsibility for functional safety
  • Processes that integrate Automotive SPICE® and ISO 26262
  • Safety audits, combined with SPICE assessments, if necessary
  • Development engineers who know and apply solutions for safety problems
  • Tools that facilitate your work and are qualified for safety-related projects