Complex projects? No problem!

Engineering projects generate complex data quantities. An exact analysis of the data ensures the necessary consistency.

Data analysis tools
Software systems are becoming more complex, which means that the scope of documentation also increases. In addition, there are extensive requirements for consistency and internal references within documents. This can quickly result in large data quantities that have to be analyzed, checked and processed to generate meaningful reports.

In this regard we successfully support our customers with our knowledge of text recognition tools, databases and report generators.

  • Example project: Analysis of the links between documents

    In a large-scale infotainment project the customer requires traceability of his system requirements across several description levels, down to the code. In addition, proof is required that all requirements are covered at all levels by test cases. With 15,000 requirements and 5 description levels this can be achieved only with the right tools.

    Our solution: The result is impressive. Clearly structured reports show all existing links based on diverse criteria, as well as errors in the links – which is very helpful in everyday work processes and a success factor for the required assessments.

  • Example project: Database for calibration data and online parameters

    In the development of controllers, the calibration data and online parameters are increasingly becoming a problem due to their large quantity and their mutual dependency.

    Our solution: All EEPROM-relevant information, such as the range of variables, coding, dependencies and references to recommended literature, is stored in a database. The tool tests information in the “data sets” field for compliance with defined rules and supports generation of the EEPROM allocation.