Success requires the right tool

Development projects are work-intensive. This work is easier with the right tools. We will put together a suitable “toolbox” for you.

Why re-invent the wheel?
Tools relieve your employees of routine tasks and manual administrative tasks – they make your engineering projects efficient. But the development of tools is time-consuming and expensive. Therefore, it makes sense to use standard tools that are readily available on the market.

You need the right tool environment
In the development of systems and software the basic principle is always the same. However, development projects differ significantly in practice – depending on the challenge and the procedure. The tool environment therefore has to be adapted accordingly. Standard requirements can be characterized as follows:

  • Development teams from 3 to 300 development engineers
  • Project terms from 3 months to several years
  • Time-critical, event-driven applications, dialog-driven applications, database applications, complex algorithms
  • Various programming languages from Assembler to C, C++ and Java as well as code generators
  • Program execution from micro-controllers to execution on mainframe computers
  • Expansions of age-old applications to completely new and open developments

The right tools for every step
You need different tools for working successfully in all development processes – i.e. for

  • Analysis (requirements)
  • Design
  • Static code analysis
  • Test management
  • Test implementation
  • Configuration management
  • Error management
  • Change management
  • Project planning

Based on our experience there are three especially important areas with corresponding tool types: Tools for data analysis, tools for interfaces and tools for test support.

Spoiled for choice…
The choice of available tools is large. But what are the best ones for you? And do they also fully meet your requirements? We will be glad to make sure you are using the right tools:

  • We select tools that are most appropriate for your tasks
  • We adapt the tools to your needs and your project situation
  • We also implement the technical integration of different tools
  • And we create custom tools for you, if necessary

Our services
We perform the following tasks to ensure to optimize your tools:

  • Analysis of your requirements
  • A comprehensive market analysis, if necessary
  • Support with the introduction of tools
  • Administration of tools in the startup phase
  • Configuration and supplementing of the purchased tools
  • Development of new tools for closing gaps in your “toolbox”