Management of incremental development

Systems nowadays are developed incrementally throughout several stages. We assume the technical responsibility for selected sub-systems.

Seamlessly integrated sub-systems
Even sub-systems of modern controller systems are so complex that they are developed by many development engineers at different locations. Changes and expansions of functions have to be managed.

Our services
We provide you with the following services within the framework of technical management:

  • Definition of the scope of functions: We use requirement engineering methods to uniquely describe the scope of the functionality or all aspects of the change
  • Adaptation of the design: We carefully analyze the effects of new properties on the architecture, create alternatives for implementation and review the adapted design together with the system architects
  • Preparation of the change decision: On this basis we create a change document that helps the project managers to decide on the implementation of the changes
  • Monitoring of the implementation: We instruct the development teams to implement the changes according to the specifications; we monitor the scheduling and technical aspects of the implementation
  • Implementation of the integration: We integrate the delivered code modules. We check whether all executed changes are documented in the change management. We clarify any problems directly with the responsible development engineer. We conduct specified (smoke) tests, including special tests of newly implemented features of bug fixes. We generate a new software system release with the coordinated number of changes and submit it with the corresponding release notes to the test department

  • Example project: Technical manager for HMI modules

    In this project the descriptions of the human-machine interface (HMI) are created in XML. These XML descriptions of the software functionality and software architecture are converted to the final C/C++ source code by means of a tool chain via a customer-specific XML intermediate format.

    The Technical Manager assigned by F+S assumes the role as interface between the supplier and OEM for all aspects of the HMI model and performs the following tasks:

    • Commissioning/integration of HMI models for the controller
    • Clarification of requirements and open points with the OEM and supplier
    • Contact for model-related questions of the supplier’s development teams
    • Error analysis in the case of model-related errors (together with development teams), definition of responsibility (OEM or supplier) and any communication of errors to the OEM and supplier
    • Development of recommended solutions for HMI model changes (debugging/optimization) and discussion of the recommendations with the OEM and supplier