Precise ideas

Successful development follows clear lines. We ensure this with a clearly structured system and software design.

A good design ensures a good overview
Updatability, testability and reusability of systems and software are determined by the design. As an architect implements customer preferences in blueprints, in order to make them readily understandable by the construction workers, software designers also have to implement the requirements in the form of architecture and design.

However, the documentation is often neglected due to the misconception - "The goal is clear.” Later it is discovered - too late - that there is no overview with a clear definition of the details.

A well documented design can also be reused. This saves time and money and is decisive for the success of the next project.

Pragmatic and cost-effective
A good, well documented system design offers you many advantages:

  • You can reuse the architecture and the modules
  • The complexity is reduced to a practicable level
  • You can precisely calculate the required resources
  • The development engineers have clear specifications
  • Trouble-free integration is assured
  • Testing requirements are reduced
  • New employees are more easily familiarized with the system

Our services
We offer you the following services to ensure that you get all of these advantages:

  • Creation of system architecture, software architecture and software design
  • Traceability of the requirements from the design through to testing
  • Design reviews of content in cooperation with your specialists
  • Integration of the technical safety concepts in the system and software architecture for safety-related systems

  • Example project: System architecture for an existing platform

    A customer developed a platform on the basis of which he wants to develop different customer projects. Now the requirements of the end customer have to be integrated in the existing architecture so that both the platform and the customer requirements remain updatable, i.e. for independent development. Our team of consultants and development engineers helps the customer to create the architecture – from the theoretical basis through to practical implementation.