Software projects need a solid basis

There is no substitute for a systematic requirement specification. Because you have to know your goal in order to achieve it.

High potential
Effective requirement engineering clearly defines the system requirements. This is crucial for the success of the project. It often happens that no complete requirement specification is created, which might have negative effects on the progress of the project.

Provide clarity
Secure the advantages of a systematic requirement specification:

  • By defining your requirements in your own words you will gain a clear understanding of the task
  • Single chapters and even larger sections of the document can be re-used in other projects
  • You benefit from a complete, traceable and updatable system test specification
  • Missing or insufficient specifications are elaborated for better clarity

Our services
We provide you with the following services within the framework of the requirement specification:

  • Creation of the requirement specification
  • Support in the introduction of modern requirement tools, such as DOORS or Reqtify, with concepts, templates and macros
  • Ensuring the traceability of all documents
  • Execution of consistency checks
  • Reviews of the requirement specification together with your specialists
  • Training your employees on the methods of requirement specification (see also Quality Assurance)
  • Integration of the functional safety concepts in the system and software architecture for safety-related systems (ISO 26262)

  • Example project: System modeling with use cases

    In several projects F+S supports the creation of the requirement specification through modeling with use cases. We create both static and dynamic views of the system. The result is a well-founded and complete understanding of the system.