Perfection down to the last detail

The whole is only as good as each of its parts. That is why we emphasize the value of reliable software modules. Maintainability and reusability are a matter of course.

The truth is in the code
The tasks are clearly defined according to the requirement specification and design. The corresponding modules now have to be developed and tested, with great care and with as few errors as possible. For this purpose we specify and implement all module documents, including module tests, executed automatically if possible.

Our services
We create and support your software modules with the following services, on our own responsibility:

  • Cooperation in defining the requirements at the level of the overall system
  • Description of the requirements for the module
  • Design and programming of the module
  • Creation of test documents at module level and of scripts for automatic testing
  • Static code analysis
  • Execution of the tests
  • Support with integration
  • Support with troubleshooting in the overall system