Everything under control

Management has to have total control over the quality, scheduling and cost of development projects. We contribute to this with well-aimed management consultation.

Methodical goal orientation

Good project management is the prerequisite for a successful project. The basis for this is a comprehensive plan, which is continuously adapted to the actual  situation.

We know what is important for good project management:

  • Planning that corresponds to the reality of the development (planning in cycles, with general and detailed plans)
  • Implementation of the plan and adaptation to new circumstances
  • Regular review of the progress of the project
  • Easy-to-create, meaningful metrics that reveal weaknesses early on
  • Risk management that allows action and not only reaction

Functional safety (ISO IEC 61508 and ISO 26262)

We are quite familiar with the additional requirements for safety-related projects. And we have practical experience in implementing these requirements. After all, when it comes to safety, it is especially important to know both the theoretical and practical aspects.
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Our services

What we as management consultants can do for you:

  • Support in the creation and verification of the project planning with releases and cycles
  • Temporary performance of project management tasks, in some cases
  • Definition of meaningful metrics, including assistance with facilitating the (automatic) generation of metrics
  • Strict compliance with schedules
  • Advice with respect to the application of safety-critical standards
  • Execution of risk workshops and monitoring of risk minimization

  • Example project: Cooperation in the project control office

    Our experience project consultation has also resulted in cooperation with an automobile manufacturer, in the form of project support and monitoring:

    • the goal is to support the project managers of the manufacturer and of the suppliers with the planning and monitoring of projects
    • Metrics are used to jointly identify and solve variances and problems early on, so that the critical months preceding the launch of new models are relatively relaxed, with no major difficulties