Everything okay?

Assessments show whether the right thing is being done the right way. We help you to fulfill the most demanding requirements in this respect.

Before you can go new directions, you have to know where you are
It has always been the philosophy of F+S to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the development with a condition analysis prior to the consultation. Since the SPICE standard is obligatory for suppliers by the automobile manufacturers, we conduct this status quo analysis in the form of a SPICE assessment (based on ISO/IEC 15504 with Process Assessment Model Automotive SPICE®).

All of our consultants are certified SPICE assessors, including two principal assessors. We can therefore conduct assessments that are recognized by the OEM interest group  SW (HIS Herstellerinitiative SW) and the International Assessor Certification Scheme (iNTACS).

Our services
We will be glad to perform the following assessment tasks for you:

  • Pre-assessment with information for supplementing and/or optimizing your results for optimal assessment
  • Official or pre- assessment of your projects according to ISO 15504 or Automotive SPICE® (including adaptation of  process selection and assessment levels to your needs)
  • Meaningful assessment report with detailed recommendations for improvement

  • Example project: Volkswagen Group QA recommends F+S

    The Volkswagen Group conducts SPICE assessments of its suppliers on a regular basis. Sometimes suppliers need  a third-party consultation to reach the required performance level. Since Volkswagen appreciates our work, the group recommends F+S to its suppliers as a consultant: VW includes F+S on its list of recommended consultants.

  • Example project: Quality of F+S assessments makes a positive impression

    A major international automotive supplier commissioned F+S to assess a development project. The manufacturer Daimler AG required the assessment. Our assessment report impressed the manufacturer: “Daimler has never seen such a detailed and consistent report!” In a constructive atmosphere the team reviewed the report and coordinated the improvement measures.