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F+S integrates safety relevant processes according to the next standard ISO 26 262

ISO/IEC 61 508 is a proven safety standard and has been applied to power plants, air planes, medical equipment, etc for many years. However, for the automotive industry, especially for deliverable supplier components, it is not suitable because its focus is on the final product and not on the deliverable device. Also, risks in software are covered insufficiently.
For example, a brake controller is not safety relevant because if it does not work no damage will be done. However, if it is integrated into a car and fails the damage may be significant. ISO/IEC 61 508 does not concern itself with constellations like these which is why attempts to follow it were not 100% successful.

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F+S defies the crisis

It has always been part of our strategy to focus on the long term benefit of our customers and most of us are involved in projects. Even though the current crisis in the automotive industry affects us as well we are looking at this as a great chance to improve our knowledge and skills, especially in the areas ISO 26262 („Road Vehicles – Functional Safety“), AUTOSAR (V3.1), and model based development. So, instead of reducing hours and sending our staff off into short-time working we are strengthening our base. We can do this because of our conservative finance strategy under which we have been operating since we were founded in 2000.
Nonetheless, this also presents a rare opportunity for new customers who are looking for our support.

F+S Engineers now ISTQB® Certified Testers

Congratulations to two of our employees for getting their certification from ISTQB®. They now hold the title of “ISTQB® Certified Tester”. They said they had been testing all along like they were taught in this course. However, this certificate now proves that we have excellent test engineers.

F+S successfully deploys methodology and system architectural design knowledge

Another new customer profited from our requirement engineering methodology and system architectural design knowledge. The combined experience of our consultants (good knowledge of processes and tools, experience in automation and elimination of weaknesses of processes) and software engineers (creation of specifications and architectures and software systems) enabled us to contribute rapidly and significantly to the project at hand.