Fleckner + Simon UPDATE

Third time is a charm. F+S has upgraded its premises once more.

Since the establishment of F+S before more than 15 years, F+S has been growing continuously. And to carry on with this growth, F+S has moved into the two top floors of the “Am Renngraben 7” office building which offers a new and more spacious office space.


The new and larger office space, which offers the employees a pleasant atmosphere to work creatively, also offers a conference room with space for forty attendees. The spacious and modern kitchen offers space for nice coffee and tea breaks, as well as utilities for the preparation of luncheon. Additionally, two beautiful verandas provide space for discussion in the open air.


On 18th April F+S presented the new office space to its customers and business partners, by celebrating the official end of the relocation. Along with a glass of sparkled wine, coffee and cake, the visitors could get acquainted to the new F+S location, gather information about the current projects and the F+S exhibition stall for the embedded world exhibition (with the autonomous moving robot). The popular magician David Lavé was present as an additional highlight with a spectacular show to entertain the guests.

F+S Exhibitor again at embedded world

ew 2015 Logo farbig RGB

F+S took part for the fifth time in the embedded world Exhibition & Conference. As primary attraction the Lego Mindstorm robot was presented, which could move around autonomously on the tabletop like an inverse pendulum. With a second Mindstorm System the robot could be controlled and could be made to wave.

The innovative robot got lots of attention and adulation, especially because of its stable autonomous movement on the tabletop without any glitches for continuous three days.

For us it was a very successful experience in the exhibition – with getting visit from many customers, as well as building new contacts.


New Homepage

After a long and intensive teamwork with the Webfacemedia  firm, we are glad to present to you our brand new homepage.
Along with the modern appearance, we are now also presenting our growing portfolio from the last years in a clearer manner. This homepage is the first step; and the second step will be a move to a bigger space – which are all necessary changes due to our continuing growth. In a couple of weeks we will notify you about our successful move to the new company premises.

We are happy to receive any accolade and constructive critic from you, which will help us to make necessary improvements to our homepage.

Another Employee receives the SQIL Certification from Volkswagen

As mentioned last year, F+S have been working closely with the Quality Management Group of Volkswagen since many years. Recently Dr. Joachim Fleckner had been invited by Volkswagen to join the Software Quality Improvement Leader (SQIL) qualification training. At the end of last year he passed the qualification examination quite perfectly (99%). We are proud to have now two experts with this title in our company.

One-liter car high-Tech at F+S

Thanks to Mr. Schmitt, a longtime acquaintance of the F+S co-founder Thomas R. Simon and the proud owner of a VW XL1, the staff of F+S were given the opportunity to inspect and test this high-tech vehicle.

The XL1 was built in a quantity of only 200 cars. It is the first standard one-liter car. Due to the carbon fiber monocoque the entire vehicle weighs only 795 kg, despite hybrid technology. Also regarding the cw value innovations were made, for example instead of exterior rear view mirrors the car has two small cameras with two color displays in the gull-wing doors.

VW-XL1The XL1 has a hybrid rear-wheel drive and a combined cruising range of 550 km. The elaborate display in the interior supports the driver in his fuel-saving efforts. So Mr. Schmitt is always striving to "sail", i.e. to drive without engine power and to use recuperation during braking as much as possible.