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F+S implements automotive security

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is an issue of increasing importance in automotive applications. The automotive experts at F+S are very well informed about the current problems and solutions with respect to security. For one of our current AUTOSAR projects we are implementing not only as before safety requirements but also security requirements.

For this we first analyzed the security requirements of the overall system and then we used risk and threat models to identify issues. The prioritized results were discussed with our customer and the OEM. Based on this our experts are designing the software architecture, utilizing, for example, modern architecture concepts on the basis of Crypto Abstraction Libraries (CAL, CPL).

We also configure the AUTOSAR Crypto Service Provider (CSM, CRY) and implementing security functions for the data bus, like secure authentication of communication partners.icon-security

In addition, we support the testing and verifying of involved compilers and tools for potential security issues. This follows the idea that "a chain is only as strong as its weakest link" and therefore all functional and non-functional security facets of the product have to be evaluated.

F+S gets involved at Gate4SPICE Events

Intacs Info LogoIn the course of a Gate4SPICE meeting, F+S managing director Josef Horstkötter outlined the requirements on metrics. His talk focused on how metrics can be generated as easily and efficiently as possible and yet contribute to the successful controlling of a project by means of an intuitive statement.

André Zeh, who is also managing director of F+S, talked about new challenges and solutions for planning and conducting assessments at another Gate4SPICE event. The starting point of his talk were the increasingly complex projects with different development strategies, locations spread all over the world and different cultures.

Both presentations were received with interest, discussed, and repeatedly quoted in the discussions that followed.

The new challenge: Automotive security

The topic "security" is becoming increasingly important in the automotive sector as well. Growing interconnectedness and assistance icon-securitysystems that are increasingly more efficient make attack scenarios possible that were unthinkable in the past, posing new challenges to automobile manufacturers and suppliers. The answer to how to meet these challenges and how F+S can support you in doing so can be found in the interview with Mr. André Zeh.

Another F+S employee has been certified as Automotive Functional Safety Professional (AFSP)

afspThe more complex the technology, the more experts are needed for functional safety. Therefore we are pleased that another F+S employee successfully passed the demanding exam for the "Automotive Functional Safety Professional (AFSP)". We congratulate Dr. Czekansky on an excellent exam result of 94%.                                                                         

F+S certified according to ISO 9001:2015


Quality is a major issue at F+S: For more than 15 years already F+S GmbH has been certified according to the latest respective version of ISO 9001.

In September 2016, another certification was performed and completed "without any deviations" following F+S's good old tradition. This was the first time that the audit was performed according to the revised ISO 9001:2015.