Fleckner + Simon UPDATE

F+S participates in developing SPICE for Mechanical Engineering

IntacsFor more than four years F+S GmbH has been actively involved in the development of the "SPICE for Mechanical Engineering" standard.
As early as 2015, André Zeh, managing director of F+S, gave a talk on this topic at the VDA Automotive SYS, which triggered new discussions and impulses.
The "SPICE for Mechanical Engineering" standard was published in 2017.
F+S continues to be actively involved in the intacs™ "Mechanical SPICE" working group, which is now committed to the development of training documents in addition to the maintenance of the model.

Additional F+S employees certified

Continuous advanced training is an important aspect of the F+S corporate culture. For some training courses it is possible to receive formal confirmation of being technologically up to date by passing an exam.

We are pleased to announce that last year several of our employees have once again passed demanding exams, so that we now have additional CAST® Certified Automotive Testers, ASQF® Certified Professional Project Managers and ISAQB® Certified Professional Software Architects.

Gate4SPICE: SPICE Assessors at F+S

On Oct/19/2017, we hosted the "How to achieve process acceptance?" Gate4SPICE event. Fully booked out in advance the "Journey into a New World" guided by our co-founder Dr. Joachim Fleckner and the presentation by Christian Knüvener, CEO Knüvener Mackert GmbH, yielded intensive discussions.PastedGraphic-1

Different workshops looked at technical, organizational, cultural, and social aspects as critical success factors for process acceptance, followed by the presentation and discussion of the results.

Thanks to the active participation of all attendees the event was very successful in sharing an improved understanding of how to roll out effective standard-compliant processes.

F+S Summer Party 2017

All employees and their families were invited to our 16th annual summer party at Limpark to participate in interesting and entertaining events.
For example, some were locked up in a room with an hour to solve a riddle to escape. More fitting to our industry was the thrilling cart race with some near-accidents. It was even almost won by our two CEOs (3rd and 4th place).IMG 20170818 162158 Ausschnitt
There were also the bubble-ball matches: players in large bubbles attempting - more or less successfully - to compete in soccer games.
This action-packed day ended with a great and well-earned dinner and many pleasant conversations over alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.