Fleckner + Simon UPDATE

Mechanical SPICE Meeting at F+S

On Tuesday, 02.04.2019, the meeting of the intacs™ working group "SPICE for Mechanical Engineering" will take place in our house. The working group includes mechatronic experts from OEMs, suppliers and consulting companies in the automotive industry.

Automotive manufacturing often involves the development of mechatronic systems resulting from the integration of mechanical, electronic and information technology systems / components.

The current Automotive SPICE 3.1® focuses on system and software development. In order to be able to link the processes of the development of the mechanical part within a mechatronic system with the processes of system and software development, the working group has developed a process model for the development of mechanics that uses the plug-in concept of Automotive SPICE 3.1®, but also considers other in the industry established standards and principles, such as IATF 16949.

The working group is currently developing training and exam papers to meet the demands for an Assessor certification for Mechanical SPICE. In addition, comments from the community are reviewed and added.

F+S introduces itself at the Day of Schools

480 Tag der SchuleOn November 13, 2018, the Day of Schools took place in Limburg. This day of action was launched to give students of Limburg's secondary schools the opportunity to get to know companies in Limburg. A total of 26 companies participated on this action day in 2018. Also the F+S GmbH took part and attended a total of 14 pupils on this day.

A presentation was shown to the young people to introduce the company, and applications and projects were presented. The students were able to take a look inside the premises and experienced staff members were available for questions and explanations.

We were particularly pleased by the interest of six girls (almost 50%). It's great when IT and software development is increasingly gaining in interest even for the female sex.

Working in the small town

If you believe the media, life in the big city is without alternative.

Do not believe these prejudices. Living in an attractive small town like Limburg has many advantages over the big city.

Especially in Limburg and the surrounding area, where many people go on vacation because the quality of life here is extremely good, working is more attractive than you might think. Take a look at our arguments.

Boat partie at the F+S summer party

Keeping with tradition, employees, pensioners and shareholders of F+S GmbH with their partners and children were invited once again to attend this year's summer party.

The party was held on a beautiful Friday afternoon aboard the 'Wappen von Limburg', a riverboat of Lahntalschiffahrt.IMG 2803

Under the skilled guidance of the captain, the boat first travelled downstream on the Lahn past Oranienstein Palace. Then it turned back upstream with an impressive passage through a lock, and past the church of St. Lubentius Dietkirchen to Dehrn Castle.

Guests enjoyed relaxed conversation above and below deck and a first-class buffet. A particular highlight of the 2018 summer party was the impressive view of the Limburg Cathedral against the evening sky.



F+S at the 13th ASQF Rhein-Main Testing Day

For years, the ASQF Rhein-Main Testing Day has been a well-attended, very informative regional event for all topics related to software testing, including topics such as safety and security.

This year, F+S GmbH will be exhibiting on August 30, 2018 in Frankfurt am Main for the first time. Under the motto "From practice - for practice: exchange in open space format", the organizers and we cordially invite you. Discuss your questions and ideas with other experts and us. At our booth you will find documents as well as a small present.

More about the agenda, directions and registration can be found here.

We look forward to your visit and interesting discussions!