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F+S repeatedly recommended by Volkswagen AG

F+S was praised for its good work.

After the execution of SPICE assessments the Volkswagen AG quality assurance department was often asked by its suppliers about how to eliminate identified deficiencies as quickly as possible. As a consequence, the VW group compiled a "list of recommended consultants", in which F+S was adopted right from the beginning. [more]

Every year the success of the recommended consultants is reviewed and the list is updated. F+S has now been recommended for the third year in succession.

Paper at EuSEC 2006

Paper "Complete Requirements Through Analysis with Use Cases and State Charts" at the proceedings of EuSEC 2006 published

Requirement Engineering with Word

In another project, we also gave support regarding requirement engineering, but here, a WORD-based project documentation was required. Here as well, the documents to be generated were system requirement specification, system design and SW-requirement specification.
However, the special challenge was to guarantee the traceability of the requirements covering all project documents incl. code- and test documents without having to make up and maintain additional charts.

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Experience in Process Improvement

Due to manufacturer's recommendations, verbal propaganda, preliminary projects and other contacts, we are today working for a whole number of suppliers in the field of process improvement. We usually start with a self- assessment, during which the company's strong points as well as improvement potential is found out. Together, we will then work out and implement an improvement program. This procedure resulted in the following experiences:

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