Fleckner + Simon UPDATE

Repeated assessment by Siemens VDO

In September 2005, a new profile assessment was executed by Siemens VDO Information Systems Passenger Cars. (The last assessment dated from July 2003). Just like the one before, this assessment also proved the fine quality of work and the strong commitment of our employees. We are very happy about this appreciation of our work.

Recommended by a renowned German automobile manufacturer

F+S' work is appreciated

After a SPICE-assessment being executed, one of Germany's most renowned automobile manufacturers has often been asked by it's component suppliers about the quickest way to get rid of the uncovered deficiencies. As a result, this manufacturer made up a "list of recommended consultants". In order to get listed, an example task had to be solved and the solution had to be presented in a personal conversation with this manufacturer's central QA department. The following letter (excerpt) dated 10 May 2005, proves that F+S has been entered into this list:

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Requirement Engineering with DOORS®

With a typical combination of methodical knowledge and development engineering, F+S supports a safety critical project in requirement engineering with the help of the tool DOORS®.
Our requirement engineering method of modeling system requirements with the help of UseCases, StateCharts and InterfaceDescriptions has been successfully applied in this project.

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Intelligent application of tools

The number of SW-tools is rising quickly. Those who are able to make use of these tools, can now obtain the desired results within a couple of days, which formerly used to take weeks or months. Within the framework of our consulting projects, we use these tools (in particular: MS-Excel, MS-Access, VBA, Understand for C, Beyond Compare, Perl, ...) to develop a substantial support for the projects. For example one DELTA-project, which was added to an already existing project. At a fixed date, the differences between the two projects should be worked out and analyzed.

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Quality assurance in Light Rail Systems

Although the main emphasis of our work is put on the automotive sector, we are also active in other fields of business. We have for instance organized various quality assurance projects for the organization of process control- and signalling technique in railroad traffic systems. Among other things, we have been resp. still are active in the construction of light rail systems in Delhi and Shanghai.