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New Automotive Security Engineers

TUEV NORDThe training of our employees in the area of cybersecurity continues to progress:

Last week, 4 F+S employees successfully took part in an automotive cybersecurity training course. The focus of the training was on familiarising themselves with the ISO/SAE 21434 security standard and understanding its provisions, background and requirements.

In the intensive 3-day training, our employees gained knowledge on how to develop cybersecurity requirements in the automotive environment, especially against the background of ISO/SAE 21434, the homologation requirements of the UNECE (United Nations Economic Commission for Europe) and with references to functional safety (ISO 26262) and the cybersecurity add-on to Automotive SPICE®. The excellent speaker Sergej Weber presented numerous practical examples and allowed the participants to deepen their knowledge through exercises.

Following the training, all participants were able to successfully demonstrate the knowledge they had gained the next day in an examination supervised by TÜV Nord. We now have 4 newly qualified Automotive Cybersecurity Engineers (ISO/SAE 21434) in our company.

Congratulations to the participants!