Fleckner + Simon UPDATE

Administrative Head of Limburg-Weilburg District visits F+S

The former administrative head of Limburg-Weilburg district was a guest at F+S back in 2013. In September the current administrative head of Limburg-Weilburg district Michael Köberle visited F+S and was received by the managing directors Josef Horstkötter and André Zeh. He was accompanied by Mr. Gerharz, the chairperson of the economic development organization (WfG), and by Mr. Kieserg, the district's press spokesman.

In a short presentation Mr. Horstkötter presented the company, its development and its range of activities. In the discussion that followed, the district’s administrative head obtained information on topics such as electro mobility and autonomous driving, the difficult recruiting of employees in the region and the future prospects of the company. During a short tour of the F + S company premises, he was also introduced to automobile control units and the work involved. You can find a detailed visit report on the district's homepage.

Landrat Besuch FS 2020Image: Managing Director André Zeh, District Administrator Michael Köberle, Managing Director Josef Horstkötter and WfG Managing Director Walter Gerharz (from left) in the F + S premises.