Fleckner + Simon UPDATE

New version of Mechanical SPICE

In January 2020 a new version of SPICE for Mechanical Engineering was published by intacsTM. The Process Assessment Model SPICE for Mechanical Engineering is now available in version 1.6.

The changes from V1.5 are:

  • References to ISO/TS 16949 replaced by IATF 16949
  • German parts of Annex E translated to English
  • Some minor formal inconsistencies and typos corrected
  • “Proposal” in title removed

For more details see document revision “1.6 with Annotations”.

André Zeh, Managing Director of F+S Fleckner und Simon Informationstechnik GmbH and member of the intacsTM advisory board, is a founding member of the intacsTM Working Group „SPICE for Mechanical Development“. From the beginning he made a massive contribution to setup the Process Assessment Model SPICE for Mechanical Engineering.