Fleckner + Simon UPDATE

Mechanical SPICE Meeting at F+S

On Tuesday, 02.04.2019, the meeting of the intacs working group "SPICE for Mechanical Engineering" will take place in our house. The working group includes mechatronic experts from OEMs, suppliers and consulting companies in the automotive industry.

Automotive manufacturing often involves the development of mechatronic systems resulting from the integration of mechanical, electronic and information technology systems / components.

The current SPICE 3.1® focuses on system and software development. In order to be able to link the processes of the development of the mechanical part within a mechatronic system with the processes of system and software development, the working group has developed a process model for the development of mechanics that uses the plug-in concept of SPICE 3.1®, but also considers other in the industry established standards and principles, such as IATF 16949.

The working group is currently developing training and exam papers to meet the demands for an Assessor certification for Mechanical SPICE. In addition, comments from the community are reviewed and added.