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F+S at Gate4SPICE Event "Rhetorik in ASPICE Assessments"

The "Rhetoric in ASPICE Assessments" is a topic that should not be underestimated, it can significantly influence the duration and success of assessments. Therefore, we followed the invitation of Achim Hönow and Bhaskar Vanamali to the Köschingen location of CARIAD SE on 22.09.2022 to work on and discuss this topic. Together with about 25 Provisional, Competent and Principal Assessors we worked out how assessors can express ASPICE requirements rhetorically well, so that assessors, even without ASPICE knowledge, can fully understand questions and technical issues. In addition to technical and methodological knowledge, the soft skills of our assessors are particularly in demand. During the breaks there was also enough time for professional exchange and networking. The event was generally well received and has enriched our wealth of experience.

In 2022 successfully recertified according to ISO 9001:2015

9001 ger tc pFor F+S GmbH it is important to be certified according to the latest edition of ISO 9001. At the end of August 2022 a two-day Dekra ISO audit took place in our company. In good F+S habit, the audit was passed "without deviations" and we were successfully recertified according to ISO 9001:2015. It has been confirmed again: Quality is written in capital letters at F+S.

After Work after the summer vacations

In order to prolong the vacation mood a little bit, we met right in the first working week after the summer vacations for an after work event. In a relaxed atmosphere, we went to the Cargo Beach Club in Limburg, directly on the Lahn River. With cocktails and beach atmosphere the vacation mood came up again. After Corona-compliant weeks in the mobile office at the beginning of the year and the subsequent summer vacations, the need for exchange was evident. The next event is already in planning...

AfterWork CargoBeach 20220906

Changes in the F+S management

André Zeh, long-time managing director and shareholder of F+S GmbH, has resigned from his position as managing director for personal reasons as of 28.02.2022.

We regret this decision very much. Mr. Zeh has accompanied the development of F+S GmbH for many years: He joined the company already in 2004 and has significantly developed F+S GmbH in his role as managing director in the team since 2011.

In order to ensure stability and continuity in the company, Mr. Josef Horstkötter was appointed as interim managing director alongside Mr. Michael Salzer. He had already managed the company for 13 years until summer 2021. Thus, F+S GmbH considers itself well prepared for the now following foreseeable steps into the future.

Two more F+S employees certified as SQIL by Volkswagen

An essential part of the F+S philosophy is the focus on highest quality. We share this view with Volkswagen AG, which has high quality demands and places them on its suppliers to the same extent. With the help of SQIL training, Volkswagen tries to convey these quality demands to its suppliers.

Last month, Dr. Johannes Czekansky and Michael Salzer completed the training as Software Quality Improvement Leaders (SQIL) at Volkswagen and passed the qualification examination quite perfectly.

white male gbf3368e90 1920SQIL certified by Volkswagen support suppliers in understanding and meeting Volkswagen's high requirements as well as in detecting possible weak points in the development process at an early stage and eliminating them preventively. Together with the supplier, the SQIL continuously report on progress and improvements to Volkswagen's quality assurance department.

to learn g533f6a85a 1920Due to our long-standing reputation at VW and our independence, the F+S SQIL reports enjoy a high level of trust and acceptance. To maintain independence, the SQIL certification scheme stipulates that the SQIL does not actively participate in the supplier's improvements. However, our F+S consultants with SQIL training can additionally accompany our customers as coaches and thus support their projects actively and pragmatically with their SQIL perspective. Contact us!