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Change in Management at F+S GmbH

As opposed to some companies that experience problems when it comes to the succession of generations at the management level, our traditional policy on succession prevents any such difficulties: On July 1st, 2021 the third change in management took place at F+S.

When F+S GmbH was established more than 20 years ago, our company founders Dr. Fleckner and Mr. Simon decided they would hand management over to the younger generation when they reached the age of about 60, in order to keep the company young, agile and active. Both of them stood by that decision when they resigned their management positions 10 and 13 years ago, respectively.

Their successors were chosen and prepared for their new responsibilities with plenty of lead time. After the change in management the founders stayed on at the company for several years as employees and authorized signatories until reaching retirement age. This ensured a smooth transition between generations at F+S back then.

In accordance with this strategy, after 13 years Mr. Horstkötter has now handed management of the company over to his younger colleague Michael Salzer. We are pleased with this choice. We have found a worthy successor in Mr. Salzer: He is a seasoned automotive expert who has held diverse positions as a developer, safety expert and executive project and program manager at TRW Automotive and the Mando Corporation. Mr. Salzer has a degree in electrical engineering and information technology.

Mr. Horstkötter has already familiarized Mr. Salzer with his new duties and will continue to contribute his expertise as authorized signatory, automotive functional safety expert (AFSE) and senior consultant at F+S, in addition to being a point of contact for our customers.

We are confident that Mr. Salzer will inspire the company with fresh perspectives and innovative ideas. Since he will be working together with André Zeh, our long-time managing director, we can be assured of stability and continuity. Both of these aspects form an excellent basis for further stable growth at F+S GmbH in the coming years.

Change in ManagementNew man at the helm: Michael Salzer (center) succeeds Josef Horstkötter (left) and will manage F+S GmbH together with André Zeh (right) in the future.

intacs SPICE for Mechanical Engineering v1.7 released

logo Mechanical SPICE

At the beginning of December 2020 a new version of SPICE for Mechanical Engineering was published by intacs ™. The "Process Assessment Model SPICE for Mechanical Engineering" is now available in version 1.7.

The changes from V1.6 mainly include formal inconsistencies, which have been removed. The changes at a glance:

  • MCE.4 Output Work Product 13-04 is related with OUTCOME 6 (instead of OUTCOME 5)
  • MCE.4 Output Work Product 08-52 is also related with OUTCOME 6
  • MCE.5 BP7 references OUTCOME 6 (instead of OUTCOME 5)
  • MCE.5 Output Work Product 13-04 is related with OUTCOME 6 (instead of OUTCOME 5)
  • MCE.5 Output Work Product 08-52 is also related with OUTCOME 6
  • MCE.5 Output Work Product 13-50 is also related with OUTCOME 6
  • Term “mechanical” consequently used instead of “mechanic”
  • Name of intacs Working Group updated

For more details see document revision with Annotations.

André Zeh, managing director of F + S Fleckner and Simon Informationstechnik GmbH and member of the intacs ™ Advisory Board, is a founding member of the intacs ™ working group "SPICE for Mechanical Development" and has made a significant contribution to the development of the process model from the start.

Administrative Head of Limburg-Weilburg District visits F+S

Limburg-Weilburg district’s former administrative head was a guest at F+S back in 2013. In September 2020 the current administrative head of Limburg-Weilburg district Michael Köberle visited F+S and was received by the managing directors Josef Horstkötter and André Zeh. He was accompanied by Mr. Gerharz, the economic development organization’s (WfG) chairperson, and the district's press spokesman, Mr. Kieserg.

The company, its development and its range of activities were presented by Mr. Horstkötter. In the discussion that followed, the district’s administrative head obtained information about technical issues such as electromobility and autonomous driving. He also gathered information about the difficult recruitment of employees in the region and the future prospects of the company. During a short tour of the F + S company premises, he was also introduced to automobile control units and the work involved. You can find a detailed report on the district's homepage.

Landrat Besuch FS 2020Image: Managing Director André Zeh, District Administrator Michael Köberle, Managing Director Josef Horstkötter and WfG Managing Director Walter Gerharz (from left) in the F + S premises.

Successful recertification according to ISO 9001:2015

9001 ger tc pIt has become a good tradition: F + S GmbH has been certified according to the latest edition of ISO 9001 for more than 19 years. A recertification took place in September 2020, in good F + S habit "without deviations". This has once again shown: Quality is a top priority at F + S.