Steady progress

Since our company was founded we have reliably contributed specialized knowledge to the projects of our customers. That is why we have grown constantly since the beginning.

Dr. Joachim Fleckner and Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Rainer Simon founded F+S GmbH in the year 2000. They wanted to put their comprehensive know-how into the successful development of automotive embedded software. The milestones of our history show what is important to us to the present day.

  • Our customers receive the contracted services on schedule and implemented to high quality. In doing so we “think outside the box” and also point out risks and problems not directly related to our specific tasks. This focus on added value for the customer is appreciated also by leading automotive companies. For the majority of our customers there is a continuity extending from the first project up to the present day.
  • From the very beginning F+S has focused on three mutually complementary areas: software development, process consultation and tools for automation of the work processes.
  • Since it was founded in 2000, F+S has grown modestly yet steadily. Only suitable applicants are hired and thoroughly trained, after careful examination. This allows us to guarantee the quality of our services.
  • Just one year after the company was founded, the first certification according to ISO 9001 was implemented to guarantee the high level of our services and to further optimize our processes based on the experience of the auditors.
  • The know-how of our employees is an essential factor for the success of our technology-oriented company. That is why our employees can regularly attend internal and external trainings to further improve their qualifications.
  • We not only say that our employees are our most important asset, but we also act accordingly. Our employees reward us for this with a very low fluctuation rate.
  • The managing directors are part of the team. They take their management responsibilities seriously and actively participate in our projects. They stay “on track” with new technological challenges and solutions.
  • The change to a new generation is not easy for any company. To keep F+S young, agile and active, successors for the management were sought early on, found and trained in their new responsibilities. The two company founders relinquished their positions in 2008 and 2011 at the age of 60, after which they continued working on projects (Mr. Simon has meanwhile retired). This has led to strong continuity within our company.
  • Both of the company founders are still closely affiliated with F+S GmbH as shareholders.
  • A good, modern infrastructure allows efficient work processes, resulting in satisfied employees and customers. That is why we have invested in innovative technology since the company was founded.
  • In 2016, the quality of F+S was confirmed once again in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001. Our goal for the future is to continue striving to become even better for our customers.
  • In summer 2020 Dr. Joachim Fleckner retired as an active employee of F + S GmbH. He continues to be a partner in the company.