We expect more than competence

Our customers expect a lot from us, which is why we also expect a lot from our employees.

Qualification is decisive

We are looking for college graduates who are high achievers – with or without work experience. Most of our employees have degrees in computer science, electrical engineering and information technology, but our team also includes medical technicians, physicists and mathematicians. The most important thing is your interest and enjoyment in developing high-quality software.

Responsibility requires independence

Because we have a lot to do, our employees take on responsibility quickly. Younger colleagues and experienced experts alike must show what they can do. That requires dedication, independence and the desire to tackle new subjects and tasks on one’s own responsibility.

Uncompromising quality through systematic processes

The quality of our work is decisive for our success. That is why we expect a high level of quality consciousness from every employee. Whether the task is to design a module, test software or develop an architecture – attention to detail is imperative. Patience and ambition are the keys to systematically finding the best solution.

Achieving the customer’s goals

It is necessary for all employees to expand their horizon, in order to keep the “big picture” in view. That also means that we must be prepared to take on the perspective of our customers: What is important to them? What can we do differently or better? Which new ideas will help our customers to make progress? We always work together to find the answers to questions such as these.

Open and cooperative communication

We are different personalities, and each of us has their special strengths. That makes us successful as a team and shapes our corporate culture. And it is why we need employees who have their own mind, but don’t always have to have their own way.