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Automotive SPICE

1 Introduction
1.1 Scope
1.2 Terminology
1.3 Abbrevations

2 Statement of compliance

3.1 Process reference model
3.2 Measurement Framework
3.3 Process Assesment model

4 Process reference model and performance indicators (level 1)

4.1 Acquisition process group (ACQ)

4.1.1 ACQ.3 Contract Agreement
4.1.2 ACQ.4 Supplier Monitoring
4.1.3 ACQ.11 Technical Requirements
4.1.4 ACQ.12 Legal and Administrative Requirements
4.1.5 ACQ.13 Project Requirements
4.1.6 ACQ.14 Request for Proposal
4.1.7 ACQ.15 Supplier Qualification

4.2 Supply process group (SPL)

4.3 System engineering process group (SYS)

4.4. Software engineering process group (SWE)

4.5. Supporting process group (SUP)

4.6 Management process group (MAN)

4.7 Process improvement process group (PIM)

4.8 Reuse process group (REU)

4.8.1 REU.2 Reuse program management

5 Process capability levels and process attributes

Annex A: Conformity of the process assessment and reference model

Annex B: Work product characteristics
Work products Index

Annex C: Terminology

Annex D: Key Concepts

Annex E: Reference Standards